Doggy Boxers

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Doggy Boxers

Post by Cassie on Mon 26 Jun 2017, 15:59

We know for certain that Doggett wears boxer shorts, as evidenced by the photo below (from "Release"), but did you know that he wore white boxers covered with dogs? Unfortunately, there's no close up photo of Doggett's boxer shorts, but we do have this set report (from "Per Manum") to go by:

While looking around, I noticed that Robert was wearing white boxers covered with dogs. I don't know if those were Robert's or if they were supposed to be Doggett's. The scene took place at 3:30 or so in the morning and Doggett was woken up and asked to come to the Deli and the script said he dressed in a hurry, which would probably explain why his boxers were visible in the first place.

During the break while they moved the cameras, Gillian also noticed the boxers. She asked what was on them so Robert pulled them out a little to show her the dogs. Gillian then called him 'Dog Butt' for awhile.
- Little Star (LAX-Files, page 195)


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