Mark Snow: Release

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Mark Snow: Release

Post by Cassie on Mon 12 Jun 2017, 20:38

"The inspiration for the score to Release was actually the main character! He struck me as such an odd, quiet and eventually sympathetic person. Even though we find out he's escaped from an "institution", I felt he was going to try and help people with his clairvoyant powers until perhaps [a] mental overload happened, and he became afraid of the real world after a while, and had to "go back"!

"The classical style piano theme and the very emotional Doggett's Theme, I thought tied the story up quite well. [Both] sympathetic to the boy and sad for the final discovery and loss of Doggett's son, in a very strange way to me, the cadet almost became a surrogate son to Doggett. And his "removal" by the SWAT team and the last scene on the beach, to me, were both obviously about loss and its consequences.

"Obviously you can tell I was very inspired by the episode!..."

(Thanks to Raj from Encore: The Ultimate Mark Snow Site!)

The score to "Release" is one of the best pieces of music that Mark Snow did on TXF series (in all its nine years!).

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Re: Mark Snow: Release

Post by Claudine on Tue 13 Jun 2017, 08:01

OMG totally. Wow. That is really interesting reading the thinking of Mark Snow on it.

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