Things that make you think of The DSR!

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Things that make you think of The DSR!

Post by Cassie on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 11:55

What in life/TV/movies/music/books/anything makes you think of The DSR?

Every time that I watch TXF "Pilot" episode now, when I see Scully walking into the J Edgar Hoover Building, and when she meets with Blevins, and then when she first walks into the basement XF office, all I think is...

"and Scully's journey to John Doggett has begun!"

Seriously, all I think is that in eight years, she will be working these XF cases with a man who cares deeply for her, fell in love with her, respects her, and would place her as a priority over his work. But first she has to endure eight years of Mulder as her partner LOL Not that Mulder is horrible, he's not, but he certainly doesn't have his priorities straight when it comes to Scully or his relationship with her.

Mulder is adorable though!

But... in a little over eight years, Scully meets this man! And it's amazing!

So yeah, the opening Scully scenes in the "Pilot" episode make me think of The DSR!

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